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Motorised Caravan Movers and More

Do you own a caravan or are you thinking about getting one? The logistics and planning that go into a caravan trip can be complicated enough, so why not use the tools available on the market that are meant to make caravanning easier? At Purple Line, we stock everything necessary to make your caravan trip simpler, safer and more enjoyable. These products facilitate moving, lifting, levelling, securing and powering caravans to give you less to worry about on your holiday. Our range is full of high-quality products from reliable brands, using the latest technology while also being convenient, easy to use and affordable.

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Electric Caravan Movers For Sale

Manoeuvring and moving a caravan for parking or maintenance is a tricky process that can quickly take the fun out of your trip. Why not make it easier for yourself? A caravan mover or an electric trailer mover is clamped to the chassis and connects to the wheels of the caravan. Using a handset, you can then move the caravan in any direction. This makes your life much easier when you need to manoeuvre the caravan into a driveway, storage, campsite or for hitching up. Instead of precision-manoeuvring your car with the help of someone standing outside, you can move the caravan into position with the help of the mover. Especially helpful in tight spaces or with heavy caravans. We have plenty of high-quality electric caravan movers for sale.

Caravan Jacks

At Purple Line, we also have a selection of caravan lifters available including our range of hydraulic caravan jacks. These are engineered to safely lift large caravans and RVs when you need to lift them for maintenance. Regular car jacks just aren’t built for this purpose, which makes these caravan lifters an essential tool for your caravan trips.

Charging and Power

Our selection of caravan supplies also includes batteries and battery chargers for your caravan. We stock batteries that last longer, charge faster and have a longer battery life in a tighter package, making your life easy and your caravan happy. Our chargers utilise the latest technology and can charge AGM, Gel, calcium and LiON batteries from a car generator or solar panel, making for flexible charging to suit your situation including those with inverters for their caravan who want to be able to use their appliances and electronics on the move.

Caravan Anti-Theft & Safety

Nothing can ruin a caravan holiday more than your caravan being stolen or broken into. Protect your property and stay safe caravanning with our assortment of anti-theft products. This includes trailer wheel locks and caravan locks that are built to be tough and impenetrable and that suit a range of different vehicles.


The Aeroplus is a favourite for users who are eco-friendly or who want to improve their caravan driving experience. It’s fitted onto the roof bars in order to drive the air more smoothly over the caravan, which leads to reduced drag, increased towing stability and increased fuel economy.

Browse Our Range Of Motorised Caravan Movers

Do you want to kit out your caravan with one of our motorised caravan movers or any of the other products we stock? You can browse our collection online and order directly on the website, or use the page on our website to locate a stockist near you to view our products in person.
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Great to deal with and fast! Communication was fantastic and they delivered a quality product quickly. I will be buying from Purpleline again!
Jade Leonard


Professional and very helpful staff, definitely made our choice informed and easier! You will have the best value for the money with this product. My family love our Opus, would recommend to everyone!
Bojana Ilic
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