Dual Axle Caravan Movers

Here are all the things that are awful about manoeuvring your caravan into position: It takes time. It takes skill and effort. It requires patience you might not have. Someone usually needs to stand outside and direct you, which means you’re probably going to lose your patience with each other and have a fight. It also means you’re in trouble if you’re all by yourself. Also, there are always other drivers whose way you’re somehow blocking. And it seems like everyone is staring at you and judging you for your driving skills. All of this gets worse if you have a particularly large caravan or the space, you’re trying to move it into is tight.

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Dual-Axle Caravan Movers

So why not make the caravan trip a bit more relaxing and less stressful by investing in a mover for your caravan? While movers are not essential for caravanners, they definitely make life much easier. Most who’ve used one would probably be completely lost without a mover in the future. At Purple Line, our goal is to make caravanning fun, easy, safe and comfortable. Movers can also serve a caravan anti-theft purpose as their roller system locks against the tyres when the caravan is stationary, making it’s much harder for thieves to steal. With all these benefits it should be easy to see why we stock a range of high-quality caravan movers for our customers.

An Introduction to Dual-Axel Caravans & Movers

So, what is a caravan mover and why is it such a lifesaver? Like other electric trailer mover products caravan movers essentially work with rollers, which are activated either manually or electrically. These rollers are connected to the caravan’s wheels and move them so that you can easily manoeuvre your caravan into place. Electric movers have a small motor powered by the caravan’s leisure battery and are controlled by remote control for an even more convenient solution.

Picking the Right Dual-Axel Caravan Mover

There are some things you need to think about before you buy a mover to ensure you get one that is compatible with your caravan. When you’re looking for a caravan mover, dual-axle and single-axle caravans usually require different models. The profile of the chassis, whether it’s U or L-shaped, will also determine what mover will be able to fit it. Always remember to check the mover’s capacity against the weight of your caravan as well. Large caravans weigh more, and you need to buy a sturdy mover or even several movers for it to be able to control that weight.

At Purple Line, we have high-quality 12 volt caravan movers of various models so that you can find a caravan mover for dual axle, single axle, U-profiled and L-profiled caravans. When it comes to dual-axle caravan movers, we recommend the Quattro Titanium or Quattro Platinum. If your caravan is dual axle, choose the four-motor option.

Where to Buy Dual Axel Caravan Movers

Australia’s industry-leading caravan movers with extensive warranties and easy manoeuvring are available here at Purple Line. When you shop with us, you can expect top-quality products and a range that includes everything you need for your caravan. The easiest way to shop our range of dual-axel caravan movers is on our website, where you can order electric caravan movers straight to your home and contact our customer service team if you have any questions. If you prefer to view the options in person, use our website to locate a dealer in your area instead.

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