Orbit Annex LED Light Kit

Light up your space with these warm LED strips, designed for OPUS Annexe. Includes cables that can be hidden inside your air beam sleeves and dimmer switches for each part of your camper annexe. 12v LED strip light with dimmer switch, extension lead. 2 x 1.5m strips.

$79.99 inc. GST

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Having a motorhome or caravan means you can get off the main highways, explore the more remote areas of Australia and create some really memorable holidays that will stay in your memory forever. They mean you’re not tied to hotels and give you the ability to roam where you want and have holidays that are really unique.
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Caravan Annexes In Australia To Expand Your Space

The main disadvantage with caravans and motorhomes is often simply a lack of space. You may be cramped for room and have difficulty accommodating everyone and all their gear. Caravan annexes can solve that problem by providing extra space for your caravan or motorhome, avoiding the need to buy a bigger and more expensive vehicle.

Where to Buy Caravan Annexes In Australia

There are plenty of places that will sell annexes for your caravan, but you need to avoid ones that are poor quality and won’t last. All of the caravan annexes we offer at Purple Line are of the highest quality and you can rely on them to provide the accommodation you need.

In most cases, your caravan or motorhome may be big enough for your needs. The problem may only arise when you have extra guests, and this is when a caravan annexe can provide the space you need.

We have a range the best range of caravan annexes in Australia that:

  • can act as an extra bedroom, provide storage space or be used as a dining area or for any other purpose
  • are easily and quickly erected and dissembled so you can get on with your holiday
  • attach to an existing awning or one that we can supply
  • set up a teleivison room powered by a caravan inverter
  • are lightweight and strong, being made from durable material, tear resistant, waterproof and UV resistant so they can withstand rough handling and harsh weather conditions
  • come complete with everything you need, including poles, pegs and guide ropes, as well as a handy storage bag for when the annexe is not needed
  • have doors for easy access and windows to create a bright and airy space.

Some annexes are available as a universal fit while others are designed for use with specific awnings. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you need to check the descriptions on our website to ensure you buy the one you need as well as where to buy your caravan annex. If you have any doubts, get in touch and we’ll put you right.

Caravan Annexes Grant Extra Space when You Need It

Our annexes are designed and made to provide extra space that is practical and comfortable. They’re a much more affordable and flexible option than acquiring a bigger caravan or motorhome that will cost much more to buy and run and may have extra space that you don’t need all the time. With an annexe, you can carry it around easily and only need to erect it when you have additional guests who you need to accommodate, extra gear you want to keep dry or if your kids want their own private space.

The annexe simply zips onto a suitable awning and easily and quickly provides the extra space you need. So before you start your next adventure, get a caravan annexe from Purple Line and create the extra space that will make your trip all that much more comfortable and convenient. Why not get an electric caravan mover, check out our caravan anti-theft products to complete your accessory set?
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