Trailer Wheel Lock

Have you ever thought about your caravan or trailer being stolen? It’s not something you worry about? Well, let’s put it this way: would you ever leave your bike unattended without a bike lock? Then why would you risk it with something that’s even more expensive and important? These days just about anything can be stolen, and something like a caravan or trailer is not only an expensive item, but it usually also contains a lot of objects that are also important and valuable. Plus, having your caravan stolen during your trip means you don’t even have a place to sleep anymore. There’s nothing worse than that.
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Trailer Security Locks

With a reliable trailer wheel lock from Purple Line, you can stop taking this risk every time you leave the caravan or trailer unattended. Our range of security for caravans also contains other types of trailer security locks to keep your property safe, so check it out before it’s too late.

How A Wheel Lock For Your Trailer Can Improve Caravan Security

Have you ever seen a car with too many parking tickets with one of those wheel clamps that prevent the owner from being able to drive their car? That’s essentially what our wheel clamps do. Similar to a boat trailer lock the clamp is attached to one of the wheels and is large and bulky enough that it prevents the wheel from moving properly, which in turn of course means that the car, trailer, caravan or even trailer home can’t move either. All of these vehicles are suitable applications for a wheel lock, and we recommend that one is used when you leave a vehicle unattended for any length of time. Trailers and caravans that aren’t hitched are easier to steal than a car that you need a key for, as anyone could load them onto their own car and drive away. To prevent that from happening, use a wheel lock for your trailer or caravan when you leave it somewhere, especially in busier areas.

High-Quality Trailer Wheel Locks

Purple Line’s range of security and anti-theft equipment keeps your property safe. Our wheel clamps are made from hardened, high-strength composite steel, making them extra durable and reliable. They all feature a 7-pin cylinder lock that is resistant to most methods of opening locks, including picking, drilling, cutting and freezing. And if you’re worried about losing the key to your wheel clamp, we have you covered too. Our clamps come with three tubular keys to ensure you always have spares, and they’re anti-copy so no one else can duplicate and use them. These tough wheel clamps have been designed to suit most vehicles and tyre sizes and work on most caravans and trailers.

Anti-Theft Trailer Locks At Purple Line

A trailer wheel lock is not the only way to keep a trailer or caravan safe, and it isn’t the ideal option for everyone. That’s why we offer plenty of caravan anti-theft devices alternatives, including hitch locks and complete security kits where you get both at a discounted price. Everything we sell is sturdy and top-quality and can be relied upon to keep caravans, trailers and mobile homes safe. Shop our electric caravan movers range online or use the website to find a dealer near you.
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