Boat Trailer Lock

Thieves are well aware that there’s a ready market for trailers and so stolen ones can be easily sold for a decent amount. They also know that boats can be extremely valuable and so will often target ones they can sell easily.

All this explains why the theft of boat trailers is common and increasing, and why you need to protect any that you own. A boat trailer lock from Purple Line is the obvious answer because it provides a visible deterrent that means thieves may not even try to steal your trailer and, even if they do, they’re much less likely to succeed.

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Securing Your Boat & Trailer With Locks

Your boat is almost certainly an extremely valuable asset to you and the trailer is vital to enable you to move it around. Losing them will not only be a significant financial loss, but it will also cause you a lot of inconvenience, frustration and stress.

You’ll no doubt have the boat and trailer insured, which will alleviate any financial loss. But it won’t overcome any inconvenience and frustration so a trailer lock for your boat will provide an additional layer of protection against theft. It may, anyway, be a condition of your insurance that you take reasonable care of your boat and trailer, which includes fitting a suitable trailer security lock.

Why A Boat Trailer Lock Is A Necessary Deterrent

Since your boat and trailer are valuable assets and are prone to theft when left unattended, do not buy a lock purely on price. Cheap boat trailer locks are likely to be lightweight devices that will provide little deterrent or protection and so are not worth buying. Equally, however, a high price does not guarantee that a lock will be effective.

Look for a heavyweight lock that will be difficult to open without a combination or a proper key. One that’s large and brightly coloured will also act as an effective deterrent to all but the most committed thieves. Since the trailer is often left outside in all conditions, you also want a lock that’s weather resistant and won’t corrode.

One of the most effective types of lock is a hitch lock that holds the hitch and the receiver together so that the trailer’s hitch can’t be lifted away from the vehicle. Anyone without the required key or combination won’t be able to remove the lock.

Getting The Best Boat Lock For Your Situation

Trailer hitch locks (also called towball locks) vary and are classified according to the gross weight of the trailer and the receiver size. You, therefore, need to choose one that’s appropriate for your vehicle and trailer so you achieve the required results. If you’re unsure of what you need, get in touch and we’ll advise you of the most suitable choice.

All the locks we supply are durable, effective and excellent value for money. However, to repeat, don’t buy one just because it’s the cheapest. Your boat and trailer are valuable to you, and you don’t want to risk them being stolen. Fit one of our high-quality locks or electric caravan movers and you can leave your vehicle and trailer unattended with complete peace of mind.
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