FullStop Nemesis Wheel Clamp

FullStop Nemesis – The ultimate wheel clamp!


  • Made from hardened, high-strength composite steel
  • 7-Pin cylinder lock resists cutting, picking, drilling and freezing
  • Includes 3 anti-copy tubular keys for added security
  • High-visibility – A Purpleline security trait!

$299.99 inc. GST

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The FullStop Nemesis Wheel Clamp is the ultimate deterrent against thieves and offers maximum security for your trailer or caravan with its quality materials and clever, easy-to-use design.

Made of specially hardened, high tensile steel and fitted with a high-security seven-pin barrel lock, its two-piece design fits easily to alloy and steel wheels and tyres up to 275R17 covering the wheel nuts so the locked wheel cannot be removed and replaced with a spare.

Nemesis also suits on-road and off-road wheels fitted to caravans, camper trailers, horse floats, boat and car trailers, camper vans and motorhomes, even cars and light commercial vehicles benefit from the Nemesis!

Installing A Nemesis