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Here at Purple Line, we understand that batteries in caravans and motorhomes are essential to keep appliances such as your refrigerator and security system running. So you need to be able to ensure they’re always charged. The in-built charger, however, has limitations since the vehicle will generally only be able to maintain the battery’s level of charge rather than being able to increase it.
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The Need For An Efficient Battery Charger For Caravans & Motorhomes

A portable lithium battery charger for caravan and motorhome is the answer because it will be able to keep your battery up to full charge to power your equipment. However, buying the cheapest charger you can find may be a big mistake since it may lead to the battery being over-charged and can cause extensive damage.

Finding A Lithium Battery Charger For Your Next Caravan Trip

Whether you use caravan sites with mains power or tend to go off-grid, you must ensure that your battery has sufficient power. This is especially true if your insurance policy requires that your security system always has sufficient power to be fully operational.

The Best Lithium Battery Charger System For Your Caravan

A basic and cheap charger can cause the battery to become over-charged, lead to excessive off-gassing and eventually to the depletion of the battery electrolyte’s water content, so the plates are exposed, and the battery is damaged beyond repair. This can be avoided by acquiring a proper lithium battery management system for caravans and motorhomes, avoiding the danger of over-charging and irreparable damage.

There are several types of chargers available, including:

  • Unregulated chargers, the cheapest type available, do not reduce the voltage as the battery nears full charge, leading to possible damage and a need to watch and turn off the charger once the battery is fully charged.
  • Semi-automated chargers that turn off once a required level of charge is reached.
  • Fully automated chargers are the best and most expensive type but avoid the risk of over-charging and can safely be left permanently connected to the battery. These multi-stage chargers lower the current and voltage as the battery becomes fully charged. They also set lower currents and voltages when temperatures are low due to the battery being more prone to damage. Some automated chargers are capable of pulse charging, where the voltage and current level are changed frequently. This prevents the discharge of the battery and also stops stratification, where sulphuric acid remains at the bottom of the battery and causes corrosion. Pulse charging activates the electrolyte to prevent the sulphuric acid from separating.

What Caravan Owners Should Look For In A Lithium Battery Charger

We know that performance is important, so we recommend spending as much as you can on a charger for your caravan’s battery within budget, as it is worth the investment in the long run. This will generally be a fully automated AC to DC lithium battery charger with pulse charging capabilities since this will safeguard your battery, prolong its life and ensure it’s fully charged.

Contact Us For Tailored Battery Charger Advice For Your Caravan

We realise you may have a limited budget and have other demands on your money, so we want to help you to choose the best and most cost-effective 40 amp lithium battery charger. So get in touch if you need any advice our staff at Purple Line will gladly point you in the right direction for your next power system purchase.
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