Towball Lock

Imagine this: you’re having a great time on your caravan holiday. You’ve decided to pop down to the beach for a few hours or go off for some other adventure. And then, in the middle of an otherwise perfect day, you come back to an unexpected sight. Your caravan is gone. While it might seem unlikely, it does happen that caravans are stolen. You wouldn’t leave your bike unlocked out in public, so why would you do it with your caravan? Having a caravan stolen during your trip is not only an inconvenience, though. Suddenly you’re without a place to sleep. Plus, you likely had all your belongings in there, including your clothes, but also more important items like laptops and a TV, maybe even your wallet. There are a number of measures us travellers can take to drastically increase security for our caravans. That’s why we suggest that every time you leave your caravan, lock it with a tow ball lock.
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Tow Ball Locks For Caravans

Purple Line exists to make caravanning safer, easier and more comfortable. We have a range of anti-theft tools in our collection, including tow ball locks for caravans to ensure you never have to find yourself without a caravan in the middle of your trip.

Are Tow Ball And Tow Bar Locks The Same For Caravans?

Tow ball locks are also called tow bar locks and hitch locks and perform a similar function to boat trailer locks. What this kind of lock does is keep your hitch and receiver attached until they’re unlocked, which means no one can take your caravan or trailer off the car’s receiver and steal it while you’re not there making them one of the best caravan anti-theft devices on the market. The caravan can’t be unhitched as long as the lock is locked. There are many different models when it comes to hitch locks, to ensure there’s one that fits every vehicle and every hitch. These locks are not difficult to install so there’s no need to go to a professional to do it. You can also consider a caravan coupling lock, which prevents a caravan or trailer from being stolen while it’s unhitched, for example when it’s sitting in your driveway or when you leave it at your campsite to take the car somewhere. A caravan or trailer coupling lock is placed on the coupler on the tongue, which prevents anyone from being able to hook their vehicle to the caravan or trailer.

Shop Our Range Of Trailer Coupling Locks & Caravan Coupling Locks

We have a range of different hitch and coupling locks available in our caravan anti-theft range at Purple Line. We’ve selected these products with the most popular hitch models in mind to ensure there’s a fit for each caravan in Australia. Of course, we’ve also designed them to be as tough and theft-resistant as possible, with high-strength steel and anti-pick and anti-copy technology – however if you want to be extra careful why not look at getting a wheel lock for your trailer as well. Even if a thief comes ready to cut, pick, drill or freeze your lock, you can rest assured one from Purple Line will be able to withstand all of it. We’ve also made sure they’re easy to fit and install.

To avoid having your caravan stolen, get a caravan tow ball lock from Purple Line. Our range of motorised caravan movers can be purchased online on our website, or with one of our many stockists across the country.
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