Quattro SeaGo Mover

SeaGo – the ‘go to’ boat trailer mover!


  • Fully galvanised brackets and fittings.
  • Fits both single and dual axle trailers.
  • Easy-to-use cordless remote control.
  • 2-year Warranty

$1,949.00 inc. GST

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SeaGo is a unique boat trailer mover. Powerful and simple with a quick-release solution, SeaGo movers are designed to make manoeuvring, hitching and unhitching a breeze! With a cordless remote, you can simply position your boat trailer where you want it, then unplug the cable, pull the pin and slip off the movers for storage or launching. SeaGo makes for safe and simple manoeuvring both uphill and downhill.


Voltage 12 Volt DC
Average Current Consumption Approximately 25 Ampere
Maximum Current Consumption Approximately 76 Ampere
Weight including all fixtures and fittings Approximately 37kgs
Safe Working Load (SWL) Two Motors (Twin Configuration) 2250kgs
Safe Working Load (SWL) Four Motor (Quad Configuration) 3000kgs
Power Source 12 Volt DC