Quattro QuicKEY

Quattro QuicKEY – Ultra tough, quick-release design for off-road trailers

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  • Precision cast 130mm aluminium rollers
  • Powerful motor and custom gearbox for efficient power transfer
  • Easy-to-use cordless remote
  • 2-year Warranty

$1,619.10 inc. GST

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The patented Quattro QuicKEY is the convenient, quick-release caravan mover you can remove for travelling and the ‘go to’ solution for super-tough off-roading, providing maximum ground clearance while keeping the movers out of harm’s way.

Removed in seconds take your QuicKEY set-up with you, or simply leave them at home.

Replacing the movers is just as easy: slip them on, insert the pin and plug them in for safe, effortless manoeuvring. As with all Quattro models, QuicKEY movers are easy to fit. And, if your payload is limited, Quattro QuicKEY keeps on-board weight to a minimum.

All hardware and electrical components are supplied along with a detailed User Manual.

Safety Features

  • Isolation switch fitted to prevent accidental use of the remote
  • Unique double press ‘on’ button on the handset to prevent accidental operation
  • Control unit and handset will shut down automatically after 60 seconds if the handset is not used in that time
  • Control unit will shut down if the mover is working constantly in one direction for 3 minutes
  • Built in motor overload protection (current and temperature) – no requirement for a fuse
  • Automatically brakes immediately as soon as the handset button is released
Operational Voltage 12V DC
Avg Current Consumption 25 Amps
Max Current Consumption 76 Amps
Power Output 585 kg
Max Speed 12cm / sec
Weight 37kg (includes fit kit)
Minimum Width (caravan/trailer) 1800mm
Maximum Width (caravan/trailer) 2500mm
Safe Working Load (SWL) (2250kg - 2 motors) up to 1.5 tonnes on a 25% incline
How to install a Quattro caravan mover

Is the Quattro suitable for tough Australian road conditions?
Yes, each Quattro is a sealed, anodised, alloy unit that is very tough and rugged, ideally suited to the demands of outback Australian roads.

Will the Quattro fit my caravan?
There are many deciding factors that affect whether a Quattro will fit, it is best to contact your local Quattro installer as they will be able to say if it will fit on your caravan. You can find your local Quattro installer by using our dealer locator found HERE,

Will the Quattro fit on twin axle caravans?
The Quattro is suitable for single and twin axle caravans.

Can I fit the Quattro myself?
Please review the User Manual which may help you to decide if self-fit is an option, or contact us for further advice. Alternatively, please contact your dealer or a mobile fitter.

Does the Quattro have soft start and stop?
It has precision control operation and provides excellent accuracy.

Where is the best location for the mover?
The best location for most Quattro movers is in front of the axle. However, if this is not possible it is usually possible to fit behind the axle.

Does it fit on a caravan with shock absorbers?