Saracen Gullwing
...european hitch locks.

Saracen Gullwing For AL-KO Hitches


Saracen Gullwing has been developed specially as the ideal anti-theft device for AL-KO hitches fitted to leading European caravans such as Bailey, Swift and Adria.

Easily fitted and highly secure, it has a high security barrel locking system, and is made of tough high-tensile steel that resists cutting and freezing.

Gullwing is designed for the AL-KO AKS2004 and AKS3004 caravan hitches which are popular on Australian-market European vans.

NOT suitable for Jurgens caravans.

*Australian-built Jurgens caravans with the AL-KO hitch cannot be fitted with the Saracen Gullwing.

User Manual

Download this manual before first use. Time invested in correct fitment is repaid in the level of security that is achieved.

Saracen Gullwing
$179.99 inc. GST
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