FullStop Anti-Theft

Most of us don’t think about security for our caravans until it’s already too late. We don’t worry about having a fire extinguisher until we have a fire. We don’t use a bike lock until our bike is stolen. Instead of waiting until the day you come back to your caravan only to find it gone, all your belongings stolen, and no place to stay for the night, take caravan security seriously today.
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Caravan Anti-Theft Devices in Australia

It might sound unbelievable, but it’s not that surprising if you think about it. A caravan is easy to steal. You don’t need a key or any mechanical knowledge to get in and drive it away as you do with a car. You don’t need a key or special tools to get inside it, that’s something you can deal with later. All you have to do is hitch the caravan to your car and drive away. When you start to realise that; you realise just how vulnerable your caravan is. But it doesn’t have to be. At Purple Line, we have a range of caravan anti-theft products that offer security for caravans and trailers. All of it is designed to be resistant to cutting, drilling, lock picking and more, made from high-strength composite steel, and fully capable of keeping your property safe.

Anti Theft Caravan Wheel Locks

One of the best caravan anti-theft devices out there is the wheel clamp. Just like with boat trailer locks clamps are attached to the wheels of caravans and prevent them from moving. Wheel locks can also be used on cars, trailers and even mobile homes. We have models that are made to fit all tyre styles and sizes to ensure there’s an option for all caravans. Pros of wheel clamps include the fact that they’re highly visible and an immediate deterrent to theft, while cons include the fact that they can be large, heavy and bulky and can be fiddly to put on. Of course, you also need to remember to take the clamp off before you try to drive away. Wheel clamps are excellent, but do you feel like they’re not for you? Don’t worry, there are other caravan anti-theft options out there.

Caravan Hitch Locks

Hitch locks such as towball locks lock the hitch instead of the wheel. They prevent someone from hitching to your caravan or trailer. These are much smaller and easier to bring with you than wheel clamps. However, that does mean they’re easier to lose, and they don’t immediately deter prospective thieves who might not see the lock at first.

Complete Security For Caravans

Are you struggling to choose between all the caravan anti-theft devices in Australia, or do you want to be extra safe and use both when leaving the caravan unattended for longer periods of time? For that extra bit of peace of mind, we recommend our complete security kits, either the standard or off-road version. These include a duo of a trailer wheel lock and hitch lock to ensure the safety of caravans and other wheeled vehicles. As a general rule of thumb, we also recommend not leaving valuable items in your caravan annexes when you are stopping over for the night in case of theft.

Shop all these products, including our electric caravan movers either in our online store or with one of our dealers across the country.

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