Caravan & Trailer Anti-Theft Equipment

We offer a number of products that will help to keep your valuable equipment secure.

Nemesis Wheel Clamp

This two-piece clamp is built with composite metals, resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. It Incorporates a seven-pin anti-pick and anti-drill locking bolt with a tubular anti-copy key. Strong, secure and tough, it remains quick and easy to fit. More…

Saracen Hitch Locks

This range of locks is suitable for most caravans, camper trailers, boat trailers and general purpose trailers and is designed to secure the vehicle by preventing it from being towed away. The Saracen, Saracen Ultra, Saracen Gullwing, Saracen Off-road and Torpedo are designed for specific hitch arrangements so that no matter what your hitch configuration, we have a suitable hitch lock.

Complete Security Kit

The Complete Security Kit is an all-in-one combination of hitch lock and wheel clamp that makes life a whole lot harder for thieves, but a whole lot easier for honest caravan owners. It combines the Samurai wheel clamp and Saracen hitch lock in one compact, easy-to-use kit. More…

CSK100 Complete Security Kit includes the Samurai Universal Wheel Clamp and the Saracen Hitch Lock.
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