Australian Hitch Lock...
...high strength steel.

Saracen Australian Hitch Lock


The FullStop® Saracen Australian Hitch Lock is made from specially hardened high strength steel which is resistant to cutting and drilling.

For added security the FullStop® Saracen Australian Hitch Lock incorporates a high-security, 7-pin barrel lock, resistant to picking, drilling and gas freezing, with a tubular anti-copy key. 

The FullStop® Saracen Australian Hitch Lock is suitable for most Caravans, Camper Trailers, Boat Trailers and General Purpose Trailers fitted with an Al-Ko hitch and is designed to secure the vehicle by preventing it from being towed away.

User Manual

Download this manual before first use. Time invested in correct fitment is repaid in the level of security that is achieved.

Useful Resources

For further product information view and download a range of useful resources.

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