Australia's new benchmark...
Quattro Platinum
...in caravan movers.

Quattro Platinum

The caravan mover of choice for big Aussie vans up to 2250kgs on twin axles, the Quattro Platinum 500 comes with big 200mm wide rollers and an adjustable wind-on engager. Unlike powered jockey wheels, the Platinum 500 drives the wheels of the van directly, where 90% of the caravan’s weight is located, rather than on the a-frame that only carries 10% of the van’s weight.

Strong, reliable, and robust – you’ll be able to manoeuvre without the need for any manual labour. The Quattro Platinum 500 incorporates Quattro technology – the intelligent modular system, featuring soft-start and be used on single, twin and 4WD vans.

Excellent value lightweight auto-engaging caravan mover with protective and smart electronics. The powerful and efficient motor makes for stress free caravan manoeuvring.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic engagement mover
  • Effortlessly move caravans up to 2250kg
  • Lightweight mover with plastic cover
  • Easy and stress-free manoeuvring with Smart Handset
  • Suitable for single and twin axle caravans
  • Market leading 2-year warranty

Safety Features

  • Isolation switch fitted to prevent accidental use of the remote
  • Unique double press on button on the handset to prevent accidental operation
  • Control unit and handset will shut down automatically after 60 seconds if the handset is not used in that time
  • Control unit will shut down if the mover is working constantly in one direction for 3 minutes
  • Built in motor overload protection (current and temperature) – no requirement for a fuse
  • Automatically braked immediately as soon as the handset button is released


Designation : Quattro Operational Voltage : 12 Volt DC Average Current Consumption : 25 Amps Maximum Current Consumption : 120 Amps Power Output : 585 kg Speed : 12cm / sec. Weight : 31kg (includes fit kit) Minimum Width (caravan/trailer) : 1800mm Maximum Width (caravan/trailer) : 2500mm Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250 kg (2 motors) :  up to 1.5 tonnes on a 25% incline 3000 kg (4 motors) : up to 2.5 tonnes on a 20% incline

Installation Video

Quattro Video

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Caravan Mover Testimonial

Fitting to a European Caravan

User Manual

For Use With Model Numbers: EGO130 & EGO400

Quattro Platinum 500
$2,300.00 inc. GST
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