The Changing Face of Caravanning

Caravanners and campers has now become an multi-generational experience with new expectations and demands from buyers.

In the last 2 years, 7.1 millions Australians stayed in a caravan holiday park, camping ground or national park. Of those who stayed in a caravan holiday park, 58% utilised a caravan.

We also saw Australians tak 6.62 millions caravan/overnight trips in 2016, up from 5.94 million in 2000. Not only did we see Australians take more trips,but they were also staying longer – 5 days is the average length of stay and the number of nights stayed annually has increased by 15.4%.

We are seeing that caravanning now appeals to all generations with 79% of Australians having a positive purchase intention towards caravan and camping holidays.