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The system works like a dream it makes the camper looks like it is dancing, and it weighs in at over two tonnes."

- Regards Alan
September 2018

Bought our new 2nd hand van in Perth and then dragged home to Geraldton (381 km), got home after dark so no time to even think of security. Flew to my work the next morning and all of a sudden got paranoid about someone taking our van. Solution was to ring my brother who is also a van owner and asked him to buy and fit some sort of hitch lock to our van. The result was your hitch lock. Now I can go to work each week knowing our home on wheels will still be parked in our yard. Gives me the peace of mind I was looking for. Thanks for a great product."

- Brett & Phairin. Brett, WA
August 2018

In 2013 I purchased a new Jurgens Lunagazer, tandem axle van, prior to delivery the dealer installed a set of Purple Line caravan movers. I took delivery of it and really wasn't happy with the operation of the movers. The van struggled to turn left or right when in reverse. I persevered and just put the problem down to it being a tandem axle van and the differing radii travelled by the front and rear axles in a turn. I finally contacted Purple Line early in 2017 as I had seen a video on their site of a tandem axle van making a much sharper turn than mine. I was put in contact with their technical manager who spent quite a few hours with me on the telephone carrying out various diagnostic tests. He discovered from these that the rear unit had been incorrectly wired when initially fitted. With his instruction we rectified the wiring issues and now After 5 years they work as they should.!!

I cannot speak more highly of the after sales service, even though they were fitted in 2013, that sort of service you just do not get these days!! My thanks go to Jason and his team, I am more than grateful for your patience and help. Thank you again."

- Ron Raines
July 2018


I have had these Purple line movers on a Supreme single axle van (shown) originally for 2 years or so then I refitted them on to a Nova independent suspension single axle van about 6 years ago. They are looking not so pristine now but still work fine getting my van in/out of a tight laneway. They are the greatest and well worth the money. They have been around Australia to every corner two and sometimes 3 times and dozens of water crossings and still work fine.

Roger Sando
June 2018

Purple Line Van Mover

We have had a great run with our Ego Titanium mover and I have been sharing that experience with other caravan owners on Facebook. I share with them a video clip I put together a while back. A lot of people waste money (as we did) on jockey wheel movers that sink into the ground and I try to steer them towards something better.

Doug, NSW
June 2018



I have had these Purple line movers on a Supreme single axle van (shown) originally for 2 years or so then I refitted them on to a Nova independent suspension single axle van about 6 years ago. They are looking not so pristine now but still work fine getting my van in/out of a tight laneway. They are the greatest and well worth the money. They have been around Australia to every corner two and sometimes 3 times and dozens of water crossings and still work fine.

Roger Sando
June 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and Purple Line for their excellent customer service and back up of their product Purple Line AeroPlus Wind Defector.

After contacting Steve at Purple Line and explaining my position regarding the loss of the four holding bolts for the AeroPlus Deflector he said that he would send some replacement ones out to me.

This type of customer service is rare these days and is a pleasant surprise, I would fully recommend Purple Line as a service orientated company and a pleasure to deal with.Nemesis wheel clamp too - so well made and are very nice looking, not like other clamps - heaps of junk. Your service was wonderful and we have told people about you, to go straight to Purple Line.

June 2018

The Kojack Jack from Purple Line is a solid bit of gear to have and so easy to use.

June 2018

Bought a Saracen hitch lock from Purple Line & love it. Peace of mind when I'm away

May 2018


Hi we are 3000kms into a 7000km trip around Australia and the Aero Plus Wind Deflector is working a treat. Having faced days of terrible head winds the wan doesn't move and when big trucks go flying past the van sit still. In NT at the moment - road trains out here are 54.5 meters.

Randall, NSW

April 2018

After a lot of shouting, yelling and manoeuvring in and out of our narrow driveway with the caravan, me and my husband Alan became frustrated. A caravan mover was suggested, so we decided to buy one from a caravan sales supplier. Without much knowledge of the mover we decided to try it. The trolley had the caravan up in the air and skipped on the road apart from being extremely heavy to lift. It was returned. We contacted Purple Line in Braeside and it made sense it was placed on the caravan wheel…

Either at home or caravan parks we find the mover excellent and easy to use even for me. The service we received was amazing. It's nice to know you have great backup service.

We love our mover - the best investment ever.

Alan & Pam, Bayswater VIC
February 2018

To Steve: Thank you for sending the parts up for the Kojack. It's an amazing piece of gear, as is the Nemesis wheel clamp too - so well made and are very nice looking, not like other clamps - heaps of junk. Your service was wonderful and we have told people about you, to go straight to Purple Line.

Marg & Kev, Tamworth NSW
February 2018

After a bit of research and knowing personally of people having had them fitted and seeing how well they worked I decided to purchase a set for my new Jayco Penguin Camper Trailer. I also decided to fit them myself. Time and patience was needed for this job, as well as double checking EVERYTHING! It was not as difficult as I thought and the wiring presented no problem either. The instruction video and book were easy to understand. The movers make it so easy to manoeuvre the camper into place.Would thoroughly recommend this product.

- David, VIC

After doing the research about caravan movers on the internet I decided to purchase a Ego-Titanium Caravan Mover EGO400 from Purple Line direct. The sales people were so kind and helpful on the phone, they were so friendly as I asked a number of questions about the product. It is a real credit to all the staff and organization as I was amazed how fast the item was delivered in such good condition to my address in Dapto NSW. 

I installed the EGO400 on my 19ft Crusader single axle caravan myself (even though I am dealing with bladder cancer at the moment)which was easy as the instruction/user manual given are user friendly and simple to follow. 

Once installed I can't tell you enough about the delight of being able to move the van by remote control with pinpoint accuracy and being able to turn the caravan around basically on its axis as there is very limited room to move. 

I recommend the Titanium EGO400 to anyone as this product is SO SO good and it does exactly what the manufacture claims and at such a competitive price too, you wouldn't go past it!

- Arthur, NSW

Bought the e-go Titanium 4 motor mover system and just got van back from fitting today. It's a 19 foot Jayco Starcraft tandem axle. Ease of use fantastic and I now have finally got the van where I want it to be placed. Could not access this space under tow. I know I've only had the system for 5 minutes, but so impressed, had to let others know. Quiet, simple to use, and can't wait to use it when travelling around.

- John, WA

I would just like to say how happy we are with our purpleline platinum caravan mover that was installed a couple of months. It certainly makes getting out of our property onto our tight street so much easier. They say when something sounds too good to be true than it usually is. Certainly not the case with the mover. Thank-you also for recommending Sam McKiernan from Complete Mobile Caravan Servicing. His customer service was above and beyond. For anyone around the Brisbane region, I would highly recommend Sam.

- Cheryl

I previously had a 21ft 6in Jayco Sterling caravan and I had Purpline Movers fitted. Where the caravan is stored at home it has to go with the A frame in first. After 6 years we have recently upgraded to a new Jayco Silverline Outback caravan with single slide out. 

I was a little concerned with the weight, exposed aggregate concrete driveway and slope.

After numerous conversations with Malcolm and Greg from Purpleline and Sam from Complete Mobile Caravan Servicing I decided to install the Platinum Movers on to the Silverline.

At home I have an exposed aggregate concrete driveway with a slight slope and the road also has an uphill incline.

When hooking the caravan up I park my Landcruiser on the road and use the movers to push the caravan out on to the road and then on to the car. Yes, by myself and no arguments.

I picked up the new caravan yesterday after Sam had finished fitting the movers. When i got home and had to put the caravan in the carport the Platinum Movers worked great. So easy and yes by yourself.

Thank you to Malcolm and Greg from Purpleline for such great service.

Also to Sam from Complete Mobile Caravan Servicing, your workmanship and professionalism is outstanding. Your attention to detail with the install was above and beyond.

I would have no problem in recommending both the Platinum Movers and Sam to anybody thinking about installing movers on to their caravan. 

The Platinum Movers are awesome.

- Lex

I purchased my E-Go Titanium EGO400 from you on Tuesday. You delivered to my home Wednesday and I installed it by Friday. I can't praise you enough for the product and the ease it creates in moving my van into a relatively tight parking area at home. What a superb piece of technology that has straight forward installation videos for anyone with a little DIY inclination and a basic set of tools. Thank you for the product, extremely fast delivery and the peace of mind it has given me.

- Stephen from Sydney

I have to compliment your Aeroplus wind deflector. On our return trip we drove into a direct 15 mile headwind with high gusts. I used to fear the headed head wind but not anymore. My vehicle was able operate in overdrive a lot of the trip . And when in shifted to a lower gear it was a smooth transition, the same shifting back to overdrive. Thanks for a great product.

- Freddie

My husband is no longer able to drive or to hitch up our van, so I decided to take up the challenge and now undertake all these tasks. To make my life so much easier we decided to have a Purple Line caravan mover fitted to our van.

On arrival home today we were able to get our van into our very tight carport in seconds and are overjoyed with your wonderful product. Other residents in our village very amazed as we guided our van with only me on the remote up our driveway and into our carport.

The service we received from Malcolm, Jason and Vern (who also realigned our jockey wheel for us) was amazing and you should be so proud of these guys.

We hope we can encourage many more people to purchase a Purple Line caravan mover to make their life so much more enjoyable. Thank you so much. The only downside is that I may never learn to reverse properly as now I can remotely position my van anywhere.

- Judy & Peter

I purchased the Aeroplus wind deflector to assist with fuel economy when towing our 22ft caravan. I have been on the big lap around WA and am now in Qld so I have travelled considerable distance with the aeroplus. I can confirm that I am getting at least 2lites/100 km better economy ie going from about 19.0l/100 to about 17l/100. I believe that the Aeroplus has paid for itself on the WA trip alone. In addition our van is a bit prone to swaying instability however I believe that the aeroplus has assisted with the stablilty as well. I have no doubt recommending the purchase of an Aeroplus for anyone towing caravans over long distances.

Kind regards,

- Garry

About five years ago I purchased a set of Purple Line e-go caravan movers for my 16½ foot Supreme caravan which was always difficult to get into my back yard from a narrow laneway surfaced in crusher dust. I fitted them on the van myself and even though I have reversed boats and vans for more than 50 years, they were brilliant, saving a lot of anxiety and tension for both my wife and myself.

After 12 months or so using these movers, I decided that with Purple Line movers fitted, we could upgrade to a larger single axle caravan with a shower and toilet combo. We eventually settled on a new Nova Revivor with many modifications/alterations which included a 2200 kg Simplicity independent suspension in place of the standard 2 tonne beam axle.

I removed the movers before selling the Supreme van and re-fitted them on the Nova. They are still working brilliantly and have travelled three times half-way around Australia to the north and north-west (Darwin, Kakadu, Pilbara, Kimberly) and right down the west coast of WA and across the Nullarbor several times. I have taken the vans into just about every beach-side campsite and many others in WA which usually involved travel over dirt, gravel, sand and muddy roads.

Recently we travelled into Queensland along the Barkly Highway and then north from Camooweal up to Adels Grove campground in the Lawn Hill National Park. This involved travelling over very rocky and badly corrugated dirt roads for a couple of hundred kilometres. It also meant that we had to cross three or four rivers, creeks and water holes of varying depths and conditions. In all the vehicle (Land Cruiser Prado) and Nova van copped a bit of a hiding from the elements.

Although the movers no longer look in “as new” condition (they are five years old now), they have survived all the conditions of being battered with rocks and stones, inundated in rivers and water holes and being badly infiltrated with dust. I am happy to report that they worked fine with no problems when I returned home a couple of weeks ago, and closer inspection and cleaning revealed no damage (apart from paint being stripped off and chipped etc). Perhaps the only detail of note is that the stick on strips that show the winding limits and operating area are gone on the LHS and in poor condition on the RHS.

I only use the movers at home, where I have a double 10 inch solid rubber jockey wheel which can cope with the crusher dust surface in the rear laneway.

I cannot recommend these units highly enough. They are doing a great job, appear to be very reliable, and make life so much better when it comes to moving the van into or out of my property.

Yours faithfully,

- Roger Sando

I purchased the Nemesis Full Stop Wheel Clamp last week. Apart from it arriving within 24 hours of my order being put in, I just wanted to say that it is an amazing product.

I bought it to keep my motorhome secure. After looking into a few different ones, I knew this was the one for me. A friend told me about it as he has one for his camper trailer.

It did take me a while to put it on the first two times, but the last time I did it in a record 2 minutes. So easy to use once you have the hang of it and a quality solid product. I will certainly be recommending this to my friends.

Kind regards,

- Ann

Hi Jason,

We successfully parked our caravan in its home,with no problems. In fact, it was so EASY, we were amazed!

Thanks for your help and excellent instruction. Everything worked just as you explained. We are delighted with our caravan mover and look forward to lots of trouble-free caravan parking from now on.

Thanks again.

- Ian & Jenny Williams

Hi guys,

Thanks for your advice. I have fitted the unit to our AVan and it works like a dream. Thanks for the product and your advice. It will make our caravanning experience so much more enjoyable.


- David

Hi, I have fitted the mover as per the instructions and it works perfectly; a great invention. Thank you to you and your staff for all of your help.


- Doug Jennings

I am very happy with my E-Go Titanium caravan mover. It was installed on my AVan Cruiser by Sam McKiernan of Complete Mobile Caravan Servicing. His work is excellent and I would recommend him to others.

I towed my Van to Roma for Christmas. The caravan mover got covered in mud and when I arrived back in Brisbane I drove through very heavy rain and had to twice drive through water across the road. I had no way of avoiding the water. I was somewhat worried I would damage the device. When I arrived at my house the mover worked perfectly. The next day I carefully hosed the mud from the device and dried it. The device is certainly robust.

- Keith, Geebung

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the Purple Line team for a great buying and installation experience with my new caravan movers. From my initial sales contact with Malcolm through to the installation with Jason, the experience and service has been first-class. Jason in particular was brilliant - he did a great installation job and a thorough handover, as well as providing lots of good advice on setup, towing and use of my camper. And the Purple Line caravan movers are great as well - they've passed the first test of getting my camper trailer down my tight driveway and and into a tight sport around the corner, stress-free !

Please pass on my thanks to the team on a great job and a great customer experience.

Thanks and regards,

- Brian Jackson

I had a Purple Line mover fitted to my Avan a couple of weeks ago. It is fantastic. I would also like to say the experience dealing with Malcolm and Jason (in the work room ) was exceptional. Please pass on my thanks to these guys as I very much appreciate the work they have done.

Thanks again.

- Gloria Davis


Got home after a very chaotic trip down the Monash and used the Ego Movers to rotate the van in the centre of street 180 degrees, then backed the van into my back yard, all without incident. Had about 2" clearance on front of house. Worked well on the grass which had always been my concern. Very impressed, thank you. Also, the neighbours came out onto the street to watch the van moving (initially rotating 180 degrees then moving onto my front lawn and into the back yard). They were impressed.
Many thanks.

- Geoff Lowe

 I have finally finished the installation of my ego titanium caravan mover which I purchased on 24 August. I will use the lousy weather in Ballarat as an excuse for taking so long to install it. The installation went well and the electrical side of things was way easier than I thought it would be. It is very easy to use and I will begin planning our first trip in the coming weeks after I get some more practice with it. We have had the caravan since 21 July but have not been able to use it until I fitted the mover as I am unable to either reverse in or reverse out. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to many trips that will be made so much easier with the mover.

- Kevin Anderson

Thank you for installing the caravan mover on our new little Canadian Alto caravan. We have a very narrow and challenging street and driveway to navigate and parking our caravan in our garage was presenting issues. The Purple Line caravan mover has made this an absolute breeze. First time we used it we parked the van perfectly in our garage after "driving" the caravan down an incline, making a 90 degree turn and reversing it up another incline to reverse into the garage. So easy and safe to use! Having the mover has made us so much more confident about buying the caravan as we are first-time owners and have never towed before! Many thanks for helping make this possible for us.

- Cynthia Kerr

 Following travel to the UK and seeing these movers in operation I was amazed at the ease of handling a caravan by even elderly single women. On return I purchased a new van that would not have been manageable in my situation so I had fitted a Purple Line Enduro mover. This wonderful accessory has made the impossible now a breeze with no huffing and puffing, a must for any awkward handling and at a realistic cost. I have also purchased a Kojack another great product. I would like to congratulate Malcolm and the team for the great service given on a small problem we had by testing and replacing the handset in just a couple of days.

- Peter & Jennifer


Hello Malcolm,
We are not sure if you remember when we spoke to you regarding which Caravan Mover to purchase. Well we did buy the Enduro for our Lunagazer and we have fitted it ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed the venture. You told me that you would like to see it when we had finished doing it, so I am sending you a couple of photos and hope you enjoy seeing how we have done, fitting it to our Jurgens Lunagazer.

- Ross & Deanne

Aeroplus images, John


Hi guys

I fitted two Purple Line Caravan movers last August to my Bailey Pamplona Twin Axle & we are wrapped with the movers. So simple to use and they definitely move the caravan anywhere I require.

Thanks very much.

- Ken

Hi Purpleline,

Here are our results for fuel consumption pulling a 6.3 metre fifth wheeler with a 2009 Nissan Navara D40 Dual Cab capacity 2.8 litre with an Aeroplus both on & off vehicle.

Aeroplus ON 22.07 litres per 100km average over 3000km
Aeroplus OFF 24.06 litres per 100km average over 3000km
Cost saving 4.9% (pulling a fifth wheeler)

- Mike

Just a quick note to let you know we have not long returned from a trip in our van. We stayed at a Caravan Park at Burrum Heads, where we have stayed on many occasions.

When we were ready to depart, I used the E-Go to bring the van out of its spot and down to where Bob had backed the Troopie. As the roadways in the park are quite narrow, I had to 'slew' the van to line it up with the tow ball.

You would have been delighted with the response we got from the other caravanners at the park. We had a considerable audience and the thing that impressed them the most was that I (a woman!) was driving it. Quite a few of them said "I want one"!

I was pleased to be able to direct them to your website and one woman looked it up straight away on her Iphone.

I hope our little display will result in a few more sales of that great product and save a few frustrations for 'parking assistants and their partners'.

Kindest regards,

- Liz and Bob

Fitting an Enduro mover to an AVan - by Barry Thorp

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E-Go and Aeroplus Road Test - Michael Prestwich

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Just thought I would like to comment on the Enduro caravan mover I just had fitted to my Avan. I am a single middle aged lady who (whilst I hate to admit it) is not too flash at backing the van. It was fitted by Prestige Caravan Repair Centre in Newcomb. I was given a demo and instructions of how it all worked and then off home I went. I have an L shaped drive into my garage and the Enduro made it so easy to get it off the car and into the garage. No more pushing and pulling and huffing and puffing. Your product has provided me with the confidence to enter a caravan park without the worry of how I will get it onto the site by myself. Plus it makes coupling up by a single person a breeze. Great product and works a treat. Thanks.

- Gail

Hi Andrew,

I used the 2 unit (SeaGo) system to move our 2 ton trailersailer for the first time this week and I am very happy with the performance of SeaGo.

I used our old ratchet style jockey wheel because the small jockey wheel was hopelessly bogged in our wet lawn. The ratchet system was disconnected but the handle bar allowed steering of the jockey wheel and this allowed me some degree of directional control while driving the trailer with both units on forward (I was concerned that attempts to steer by remote would overload the remaining active unit). Steering with the jockey wheel allows very large radius turns only but it is easy and worked very well. You may decide to suggest this option for people who - like me - need to make only small directional adjustments while driving similar trailers.

Thanks again for your help.


- Petr

I just wanted to write to convey my experience with Purple Line's Sea-Go boat trailer mover.

To keep it secure, I keep my 4.5m boat in the garage which unfortunately is at the top of a steep (around 1 in 5), narrow, 's'-shaped driveway. While the boat and trailer weighs less than 1000kg, the only way I can reverse the boat up the driveway and into the garage is using a friend's 4WD in low-range. Another friend burnt out his sedan's transmission trying to reverse the boat up that driveway. But the 4WD isn't always around to borrow so I started to investigate other options and happened upon the Sea-Go mover on the internet.

First problem was that none of the local dealers in my region that carry other Purple Line products had even seen the Sea-Go mover, let alone any experience of it. So with a deep breath, I ordered one on-line directly from Purple Line, hoping it would be alright, easy to fit etc. It arrived very quickly, within two days of ordering. Very efficient.

The instructions on how to fit the Sea-Go boat trailer mover were very clear. All up, doing it for the first time, it ended up taking me two days. Having done it once I think I could now do it in only a few hours. If you have the tools and a moderate level of skill, and are prepared to do the work (or can find someone else to fit it for you), it's a great product.

After fitting the mover to my trailer - it works! It works very well. I can use the mover to manoeuvre my boat and trailer up that wicked driveway without borrowing my mate's 4WD, and without 'helpful' family members or other onlookers shrieking out usually unhelpful instructions - Go right! Go left! no! Stop! STOP!!

It really does work. I really wasn't sure it would when I bought it. But all the neighbours now come out to watch me back the boat up the driveway.


- Jeff, Merimbula NSW

It is not always that products live-up-to advertising claims but in the case of the Aeroplus wind deflector, the results have exceeded my expectations.

I originally purchased the Aeroplus as an aid to improve the fuel economy of my tow vehicle. Since fitting the Aeroplus and having travelled approximately 15,000 km, I have consistently achieved a 2 - 3 litres per 100 km improvement in fuel economy. In addition to improved fuel economy, the other significant gain has been in towing stability, which is most noticeable when being passed by trucks and other large vehicles.

I have already covered the cost of the Aeroplus wind deflector with fuel savings and am continuing to enjoy a cheaper and safer caravanning experience.

- George

Just a quick follow up to say thanks for recommending Kirsty at Big Sky Caravan Repairs here in Brisbane.
I ended up purchasing the E-Go mover, auto engagement and Kojak jockey wheel. Big Sky fitted it professionally and was very supportive of your product.

We took our van on vacation last week and the mover was a huge asset to us in a tight van park as well as at home. We have never been able to store our van at home before due to access and space constraints but when we came home last weekend it was a matter of minutes from pulling up out the front to having the caravan parked perfectly. No sweat, no fuss and no swearing.

Thanks again for your help. I cannot recommend your product & service highly enough and I did so throughout the van park last week.

- Kelly

Last Friday, in conjunction with an onsite caravan service man, we installed our Purple Line mover. This would have to be the greatest tool associated with caravanning. It drives our van up our driveway with ease and there is a fair slope on it. This was the first unit he (the installer) has been associated with and he was absolutely amazed at how easy it was to fit and was rapped in the operation. Thank you for your prompt service and your assistance when I ordered our unit. Please feel free to use my name as an advocate of how good the product is.

- Danny Nevins

My husband and I have a Purple Line Caravan Mover and often have an audience when it is in action. When we were looking to purchase we would have loved to see it in action first and not just on YouTube. We are happy to promote the product because we are very happy and wonder if you are able to send a few cards or information brochures for distribution when we stay in caravan parks. We plan to purchase more Purple Line products if we buy another caravan in the future.
Several people I am sure have purchased since seeing ours work. We call it the "marriage saver.

- Pat

I'm well pleased with my E-Go Quickey van mover.

No more heaving and tugging the van into position in a tight spot. With the touch of a button the van turns on a sixpence.

Getting the van in and out of our awkward driveway is a breeze involving no muscle power from me. I push buttons and watch, misty eyed, as the van glides gently into position. It's a joy to behold.

Pat (my wife) feels somewhat redundant. Gone are the days when, hitching up car and van, she took up her position as director of operations. Gesticulating madly, she'd indicate right, left, forward and back, all the while screeching her instructions: "Go forward and come back a teensy bit to the right. No, that's too far. Try again. Just an inch. I said an inch .... an inch, I said. That's not an inch. I said to the right. Oh, sorry, I meant the left." Most entertaining for the onlookers, not so much for me.

Now, with that touch of a button, the van finds the tow ball all by itself. Bliss.

I love it!

- Colin Smith

We bought our first van at Gold Coast Caravan Sales in December 2012 and had an enduro fitted. Best money we have spent. Could not get van into or out of shed without it. Have had lots of people in van parks ask about it. Only to happy to recommend the product. You may use my name if you wish. Thank you. Kev Pearce.

- Kev Pearce

Hi, I purchased and received my twin jockey wheel, absolutely excellent product.
Best product for allowing me physically to push my box trailer and boat trailer around the yard over grass and gravel etc.
Thank you.


After finally having time to install the Purple Line Enduro Movers I am happy to report that the unit is a very good stress reduction tool. Where we store our van requires entering the driveway and immediately turning the van to the left. It is up hill with water taps and a building on the blind side and only 3 metres of space. Therefore the van has to be close to the drivers side edge of the opening. There is also limited swing space for the tug. Getting the van in is the easier part. Hooking up with a boss who does not drive and is unable to visualise the approach of the ball when the approach is on a radius will no longer be a problem. Now all aspects of getting the van in and out of its storage location is a one person operation. Even the captain can deliver the van to the vehicle I think. I am a very independent person with back and shoulder injuries and this machine takes all the grunt and groan from hooking and unhooking. Thanks Purple Line for a product that enhances the joys of caravaning.

On another note I discovered an out of spec condition on one of the roller unit and upon contacting Purpleline on Tuesday was advised to remove and send it back to their base in Melbourne. I removed it Wednesday and packed it, a shipping label and manifest were sent to me on Wednesday, the package was picked up next morning. On the following Thursday a new unit arrived back at my place south of Hobart. This warrenty work was conducted smoothly and professionally through liasion with the general manager of Purpleline Aust. Two hours later the unit is reinstalled and tested.
Thank you to all at Purpleline for the prompt and hassle free warrenty support.

- Terry Sweeney

The Enduro mover has been very beneficial to the staff members who access the Street Surfer (recreational trailer). It has allowed us to run sessions in places which are limited in space. We have been able to detach the trailer from the car with more ease and position the trailer more freely.

The Enduro mover has also been important for our OH&S issues. Having the remote control to navigate the direction of the trailer has reduced the heavy lifting duties when operating the Street Surfer.

- Maribyrnong City Council

Our daughter ordered an Aeroplus wind deflector for us, on Sunday 3rd February. On Monday 4th, we received word that it had been dispatched to our address in S.A. and on Wednesday morning, the 6th February, it arrived on our doorstep!!!

We are VERY impressed with the service we received from your company and we can’t wait to try out our new wind deflector. We will certainly recommend your company to others. WELL DONE!!!

- Jack Pearson

We purchased an EGO200 caravan mover, we took delivery of the van yesterday and we operated the mover to put the van into our garage. The whole operation worked a treat, my mate was very impressed and operation with the EGO200 is better than I could imagine. Once again thank you for your service.

- Bruce Anderson

Hi Purple Line,

We are now the proud owners of an Enduro caravan mover and everything is working beautifully. It has made working with our Cub camper trailer so much easier and a lot less stressful! We congratulate you on the quality of your product and would gladly recommend it to anyone in need of a remote controlled caravan mover. In fact, we already have...several times!

We would like to make special mention of the company that fitted the caravan mover: Brad at Hodgson's Caravans (Redhead, New South Wales) did an excellent job. Once again we are more than happy to recommend Hodgson's as Purple Line installers.

Thanks again for your help and good luck in the future.

Best wishes. 

- Ros & Ken

We’re two grey nomads who’d had several dramas reversing into tight spots. So we purchased one of your ENDURO van movers before our big trek around Australia. It was mounted behind the wheels, so no mudflaps and therefore subjected to all the stones and other road rubbish the tyres could throw over the motor units.  I must say that it’s been worth every cent for the ease of reconnecting the van, not to mention watching the astonished stares of the onlookers as the van glides alone around obstacles and into position. We drove 93Km of gravel road into Cobbold Gorge and were directed to a corner site through two trees only about two metres apart. The ENDURO van mover, caked in red dirt, deftly manoeuvred our van between the trees and into its spot. After driving in excess of 12,000Km all up, circumventing the eastern half of Australia we can’t recommend your device highly enough.

- Peter & Judy

I found the (E-Go and Auto-Engage) packing of a high quality, well boxed and well protected. The parts were all there and gave me a lot of flexibility in fitting the unit. Laying out the parts before assembly was easy to do and units etc. could be protected by their boxes as the construction took place.

I followed the manuals step by step. I found the illustrations and procedures easy to follow and warnings in the right place. There was also a lot of information on the web re fitting. I found the manuals very good.

Parts were of good quality and presentation. There was plenty of wire and clips etc. to do a very neat build.

On testing the mover, I noticed the way the van moved is dependant on the type of Jockey wheel used. I have three different types and found with one type it put a lot of pressure onto the jockey shaft. The right wheel makes a lot of difference.

Well that's my E-go all fitted and set up.

I would say I received EXCELLENT after sales service.

THANK YOU for all your Help. I'll sing the praises of Purple Line as I travel around.

- Michael

Dear Malcolm,

Having travelled extensively all around our country, reversing into many difficult sites in all types of caravan parks, with the famous saying ‘left-hand down right-hand down’ etc my wife and I came to a decision that there has to be an easier way.

After much research into the many caravan movers either at caravan shows, magazines or on the web, with various claims, this can be confusing. However, after spending some time with Purpleline at the Brisbane Caravan Show we were completely sold on their incredible easy system. The only piece of equipment I have to lift or hold is the remote control, even my wife could use it. This brilliant mover was installed by TowFix a local company which I highly recommend for their professionalism and attention to detail.

I cannot thank Malcolm from Purple Line and Garth Tomkinson from TowFix enough for now making the manoeuvring of our caravan so simple and easy. This is the best money we have ever spent and we highly recommend this caravan mover to fellow caravaners.

- Tom & Gloria

I have been looking around for a wheel clamp for a while and was impressed to find one that was made in England; the Nemesis. It was a bit dearer than others, but the quality stood out far beyond the others on the market. Being bright orange the Nemesis stands out very well and has a good strong lock fitted to it complete with a rubber boot to keep the water and dust out. The welds are of good quality and I would happily recommend it to anyone.

- Ian Stevens, Canberra

I have a twin axle caravan and have installed the two motor E-Go system to the rear axle only, as the front step would not allow a mover to be installed on the front axle.

I bought a 10 inch diameter jockey wheel and I worked out a way to lift the front axle off the ground. I do this by getting the caravan into a position were it is level and then raising the jockey wheel by about 60 to 80 mm. This gets the front wheels off the ground by about 15 to 20mm.

There are no tools required and the process takes about 3 minutes. No gut busting; winding the jockey wheel is the hardest bit of work you have to do.

Once this is done I can turn the caravan as if it were a single axle.

Thanks again it is great.

- Dave

Dear Purple Line,

My wife and I live in an 'Over 50s Village', on what is commonly referred to as a 'battle-axe' block, which has an attractive curved driveway. Whilst the driveway is aesthetically pleasing, it is impossible to reverse a caravan up it due to being unable to manoeuvre the tow-vehicle sufficiently to swing the van at the final turn. Consequently, it has been necessary for my wife and I to hand push the van up a slight gradient to its home in the car-port. After arriving home – tired from a long journey, this has – till now, been a source of frustration.

I read of your caravan movers in 'On The Road' magazine, and contacted your company by e-mail for more information. The prompt helpful co-operation that I received was extremely pleasing, and after viewing the video to which we were referred, I had no hesitation in ordering the "enduro caravan mover' from you.

As you had intimated to me during a telephone conversation, I – with the aid of my son, found the fitting instructions straight forward and with minimal difficulty were able to install the movers ourselves.

We recently returned from a trip away, and were delighted with the ease with which we were able to return the caravan to its 'home'. I merely back the van on to the driveway – and the movers do the rest!!

My wife and I are more than thrilled with our purchase, and can now look forward to many more caravan adventures without dreading putting the caravan to bed upon our return home.

Please accept my sincere thanks for the friendly and professional manner you used in our transaction and also for the prompt efficient delivery of our movers.

Thank you,

- Bill Bell



Purple Line, we are very happy with the quality of the ego Caravan mover its nice to have everything in a box that is needed, and the phone support that is available with a quick response relating to information if required relating to your product.it was easy to fit and any handyman would not have no problem fitting the unit. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone that requires the ease to move there van.

Yours sincerely

- Graham Pohlner



Hi Purple Line,

Received the e-go caravan mover within 2 days of ordering. Arrived on the Friday so had no excuses for installing on the weekend. Unit was well packaged and instructions were decent. However, I did review the 2 part installation video plus the video on the bracket installation for Aussie vans a couple of times off your website, which was well worth the investment of time as it just makes it that much easier.

Initially I did have second thoughts as when inspecting my van for the mounting position it seems much harder as the ideal position was ruled out due to the doorway and fold-out step that occupied the prime location. This then had me limited to the rear position. After removing the mud flaps and propping up the drive units to the positions as per the instructions it was obvious that the specially supplied brackets to suit the higher clearance of the Jacyo Outback Expanda where still not suitable. They still didn't have enough drop from the frame to line up with the axle.

Now I was starting to panic! Maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew! In addition, I wasn't convinced that after investing specifically in an off-road high clearance van that the e-go unit was then going to significantly drop the clearance with the low frame of the e-go and would look average with the drive units so visible. After scratching my head and cursing that if there was a hard way of doing anything I'd find it, I finally came up with a workable solution. After contacting you for the OK to tilt the drive units, I was able to solve all problems. By installing the drive units on a 15 deg angle, I was able to keep the drive unit in-line with the axle at the same time lifting the unit up much higher than if kept horizontal. This dramatically increased the clearance of the e-go frame with it now only slightly below the main wheel axle. The position also meant that the supplied bracket had sufficient overlap with the caravan chassis for attachment and lifted the drive units up higher making it a much more aesthetic pleasing look.

The electrical installation was much more straight forward, even for the novice. The Jayco is a well equipped van with the full battery system pre-installed. (We puchased a 6 month old 2010 model and discovered that the previous owners had decided to remove the battery! So another $300 later, but probably ended up with a better battery - AGM 100AH)

I would like to say that I am relatively handy and as stated even with the instructions and video's the job still takes a lot of time. I would have spent a solid 15Hrs in total. I did come across a claim for 3hrs, but you would have to be doing this for a living to achieve this.

So after all this effort, was it worth it? Well if you like gadgets, then you'll be in gadget heaven! I'm on a slight incline on a loose gravel surface. No issues! I do get the occasional slippage when turning, but still have enough adjustment to correct. But generally if it slips, I'd simply use the opposite drive on the remote and manoeuvre without drama. (When I say slipping, it's not the wheels on the gravel, but the drive unit on the tyres)

We have now driven the caravan out onto the street, rotated it and driven it back up the drive hitch first, all with the e-go. We now have the caravan doorway accessible as previously with the van backed in, the door was up against the fence line. We also now have the added benefit that it would be a hell of a job to steal it!

The e-go does the job well, looks great and was reasonably priced against the competition. Now there is no excuse to get away more often as what would take me a day to get the caravan up the drive using a ratchet jockey wheel, now only takes 15min. It would be much quicker, but I literally only have a 50mm overall clearance between trees and other permanent obstacles!

Thanks again for a great product, I'm sure it will generate much interest with my fellow caravaners!


- Stephen Mathieson



Hi Purple Line. This is the best investment I have made.

I am now able to store our caravan in our front yard right along the side the house and we still have uninterrupted view from our bedroom window.

We could not do that without our remote control caravan mover, It is very easy to maneuver and saves me money from storage.

And of course the convenience of packing and getting away so much quicker and easier.

Love it

Kind regards

- Steve Tsitsikalis



Hi Purple Line,

Just thought I'd let you know that the Ego 200 that I ordered on Tuesday, arrived today (Friday), looks like I have some work on the weekend!

This has got to be one of the best examples of service I have seen for a long long time!!

From the original email enquiry to the delivery to my door, has been nothing short of outstanding, if there was a 10 star rating on service this would be it.

Thank you once again for the great deal, and the oustanding service. I would certainly recommend you to anyone

Kindest Regards

- Keith Griffin



Hi Purple Line, I was extremely happy with the manner and quality of the service you provided for the purchase of the Purple Line remote control caravan mover. The product itself has been easy to operate and has made parking the caravan in a tight spot very easy. Your advice regarding a number of issues has been gratefully accepted and have taken you as being exceptionally knowledgeable in the field. I am sure that any after service I require will be given to me in the same manner as the sale service.


- Pat Gargano



Hi Purple Line,

First of all I would like you to know why I decided to buy the E-GO200 Caravan Mover, and in doing so I should point out that I am a very fussy and fastidious person when it comes to buying a product that is new or may be seen as new to the market which I think the EGO is to the Australian Mkt

Recently we added on to the back of our house a large closed in verandah with roller doors adjacent to the driveway, to house our Jayco Freedom 17ft Poptop single axle van. Because of the width of the driveway it is not possible to drive in with the TUG forwards or back the van through the door even though the door is a meter wider than a standard door. Because my wife and I are not young (both over 65, new Grey Nomads) and were getting sick of busting ourselves trying to get the van into position so that we could try to push it into the shed most times with help from neighbors which can be inconvenient some times, so we decided that we had to find a better means of getting the van into and out of the shed?

In the early stages of our frustrations I welded a large eyelet to a plate which in turn was dyna bolted to the floor of the shed which was the anchor for a Block & Tackle which hooked onto the A frame of the Van and would presumably pull it into the shed, this was a dismal failure, and even if it had worked to get the van in, it would have been totally useless for getting the van out onto the driveway and around the corner of the shed to hitch up to the TUG?

We looked at and even tried several other different methods to get the van into the shed, which included manual ratchet movers that fit into the jockey wheel aperature and a small tractor type mover which fit in the towball of the van and of course numerous others, all of these devices proved to be very limited because their drive wheel/s lost traction or bogged on the gravel driveway or slipped on the concrete inside the shed when weight transfer of the van occured pulling the van up the very slight ramp.

At this stage it became very obvious if we were going to settle for a mover that fitted to the "A" frame of the van we would have to concrete or asphalt the driveway, at least in front of the the shed which would cost thousands of dollars, this we really couldn't afford or justify and then we might still have problems with the slight ramp which is part of the lead into the shed.

One day I saw an advert for the EGO200 in a Caravan periodical which in turn led me to the Purpleline Web site, I watched the video showing how the mover operated and watched the installation video as well, the rest is now history because my wife said that it was a small price to pay to save our backs, joints, and frustrations etc, so we placed the order with Purpleline.

The promptness with which the order was processed was second to none, confirmation of order and payment was made by email on Saturday & Sunday (Direct Debit, B-Pay) and the EGO200 was delivered by Courier early the same Monday afternoon to my doorstep, complete with all fittings and the very comprehensive and detailed fitting instructions. I did all the fitting myself after raising the van onto axle stands, the amount of help needed by others was very minimal but I do admit that a workshop with a hoist or pit would have saved a considerable amount of installation time. My van now has a leasure battery fitted to power the EGO200, this we were going to do anyway so we have killed two birds with one stone. Does the EGO200 do the job? yes it most certainly does and we are very impressed with the ease of the controls and the ease with which the EGO manouvers the van, we have yet to try it out on site at a caravan park but when we go away next I am confident that the EGO200 will be capable of shifting the van onto a site and do away with a lot of the frustrations associated with proper van placement on hard to get at sites where the van has to be reversed in. Please Note: I use a jockey wheel with a pneumatic tyre and this further enhances the operation of the EGO200!

A bonus that we hadn't considered before we purchased the EGO is that it can also be used to maneuver the van to hitch up to the TUG, and is even further enhanced because of the "SOFT START FEATURE" in the electronics.

Congratulations to Purple Line for making such a magnificent and useful product available at such a reasonable price!

PS: During the preamble to fitting I decided to make some modifications to the van to facilitate better ground clearance for the EGO body which is now at a trim height of 230mm minimum, this was achieved by putting the axle under the springs which lifted the van 90mm higher than standard trim. Incidentally we had been considering this mod anyway because the Jayco in standard trim is far too low in a lot of situations particularly the top of our steep driveway, no more dragging of WDH! I believe this is also a problem with some other vans as well.

- Brian & Barbara Brock
South Australia