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SeaGo - the unique boat trailer mover

Find it hard getting your boat trailer up your driveway into that tight spot at home? Not any more. Use this powerful, quick release mover to direct your boat trailer into any position you want. Control when going up and downhill, rotate the trailer through 360 degrees if required, control when hitching and de-hitching. After use simply clip the movers off the unique, quick release bracket and store away in a safe place.

Supplied with complete fitting kit including all hardware, control board and remote control.

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SeaGo Boat Trailer Mover

Two Motor System: $1699

Four Motor System: $3199

Hi Andrew,

I used the 2 unit (SeaGo) system to move our 2 ton trailersailer for the first time this week and I am very happy with the performance of SeaGo.

I used our old ratchet style jockey wheel because the small jockey wheel was hopelessly bogged in our wet lawn. The ratchet system was disconnected but the handle bar allowed steering of the jockey wheel and this allowed me some degree of directional control while driving the trailer with both units on forward (I was concerned that attempts to steer by remote would overload the remaining active unit). Steering with the jockey wheel allows very large radius turns only but it is easy and worked very well. You may decide to suggest this option for people who - like me - need to make only small directional adjustments while driving similar trailers.

Thanks again for your help.


- Petr

I just wanted to write to convey my experience with Purple Line's Sea-Go boat trailer mover.

To keep it secure, I keep my 4.5m boat in the garage which unfortunately is at the top of a steep (around 1 in 5), narrow, 's'-shaped driveway. While the boat and trailer weighs less than 1000kg, the only way I can reverse the boat up the driveway and into the garage is using a friend's 4WD in low-range. Another friend burnt out his sedan's transmission trying to reverse the boat up that driveway. But the 4WD isn't always around to borrow so I started to investigate other options and happened upon the Sea-Go mover on the internet.

First problem was that none of the local dealers in my region that carry other Purple Line products had even seen the Sea-Go mover, let alone any experience of it. So with a deep breath, I ordered one on-line directly from Purple Line, hoping it would be alright, easy to fit etc. It arrived very quickly, within two days of ordering. Very efficient.

The instructions on how to fit the Sea-Go boat trailer mover were very clear. All up, doing it for the first time, it ended up taking me two days. Having done it once I think I could now do it in only a few hours. If you have the tools and a moderate level of skill, and are prepared to do the work (or can find someone else to fit it for you), it's a great product.

After fitting the mover to my trailer - it works! It works very well. I can use the mover to manoeuvre my boat and trailer up that wicked driveway without borrowing my mate's 4WD, and without 'helpful' family members or other onlookers shrieking out usually unhelpful instructions - Go right! Go left! no! Stop! STOP!!

It really does work. I really wasn't sure it would when I bought it. But all the neighbours now come out to watch me back the boat up the driveway.


- Jeff, Merimbula NSW