Saracen Gullwing

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Guardian Hitch Locks

Saracen Australian Hitch Locks

* Australian-built Jurgens caravans with the AL-KO hitch cannot be fitted with the Saracen Gullwing.

Saracen Gullwing for AL-KO hitches

Saracen Gullwing has been developed specially as the ideal anti-theft device for AL-KO hitches fitted to leading European caravans such as Bailey, Swift and Adria.

Easily fitted and highly secure, it has a high security barrel locking system, and is made of tough high-tensile steel that resists cutting and freezing.

Gullwing is designed for the AL-KO AKS2004 and AKS3004 caravan hitches which are popular on Australian-market European vans.

NOT suitable for Jurgens caravans.

Saracen Gullwing

Hitch Lock for AL-KO Hitch : $149