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What is the weight of the clamp?
It is approximately 12kg

How do I replace a lost key?
Nemesis comes with three keys and we can supply blanks which a good locksmith can use to copy an existing key.

How do I replace a lost hex key?
Please contact us for spare parts – or you can use a 10mm Allen key.

Can the clamp be used with wheel trim in place?
We recommend removal of any wheel trim.

Can the Nemesis be fitted on the right side of the tyre?
The clamp can be fitted 'upside down' so to speak with the support section of the jaw upward instead of down supporting the clamp on the ground. As long as you can achieve a secure, firm fit, the clamp will still be effective.

Is this a one or two piece clamp?
It is a two piece clamp.


Nemesis (suitable for all wheels; on road and large off road too) : $249