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Is the ego suitable for tough Australian road conditions?
Yes, the ego is a sealed, anodised, alloy unit that is very tough and rugged, ideally suited to the demands of outback Australian roads.

Will the e-go fit my caravan?
Yes, adapter plates are available to ensure that the e-go fits all chassis types as long as the ground clearance is a minimum of 165mm - the e-go will drop down approximately 50mm from the chassis. Please contact us for further information..

Will the e-go fit on twin axle caravans?
The e-go is suitable for single and twin axle caravans.

Can I fit the e-go myself?
Please review the User Manual which may help you to decide if self-fit is an option, or contact us for further advice. Alternatively, please contact your dealer or a mobile fitter.

Does the e-go have soft start and stop?
It has precision control operation and provides excellent accuracy.

Where is the best location for the mover?
The best location for the e-go is in front of the axle. However if this is not possible it is usually
possible to fit behind the axle.

Does it fit on a caravan with shock absorbers?

Where do I find the serial numbers?
Location may vary. The image below shows the three possible locations of the serial number plate. Please note this before fitting to chassis.