Imperium 50A AC-DC Battery Chargers


  • 7 stage battery charger
  • Two groups of charging output
  • Power ON/OFF switch
  • AC Input Voltage Range Selectable : 90~165V / 190~265V
  • Protections : short circuit, overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity (fuse)
  • Simple operations and maintenance
  • Slient coolling fan operation
  • Automatic 7 stage charging: desulphation, soft start bulk, absorption, battery test, recondition and float

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The Imperium IMP009 50A AC-DC smart battery charger uses the latest switch-mode technology for charging AGM / lead-acid batteries. The automatic 7 stage charging algorithm delivers a more efficient and full charge without the issue of voltage drop. The boost-charging feature activates the battery status and will wake up a weak or flat battery to get it to a suitable recharging level, which improves the charge delivered to your battery, increases the service life of battery and prevents premature battery failure.

The recent advances in high capacity lithium battery technology has seen the need to develop battery chargers specifically suited to their needs.

Although the Imperium range of battery chargers is fully capable of charging AGM and gel batteries, it is particularly suited to charging Imperium lithium ion batteries.

Perfect for charging lithium batteries!

Lithium batteries require a multi-stage charge sequence for optimum charging performance.

When programmed for use with a lithium battery these chargers deliver the optimum charge until the peak voltage is set.


Model Number IMP009
Power Supply AC-DC
Charger Output Current (Max) 50A
Float 13.2V/13.5V/13.8V DC selectable(12V)
Equalize 14-14.7V
Charging Control 7 Stages Smart
DC Output Bank 2
Selectable Battery Type AGM,GEL,WET, LITHIUM
Input Voltage (nominal) 240V
Input Operating Range 190-265V
Input Frequency Range 50Hz +/- 3Hz
Power Consumption ≤0.1A
Power Factor Correction NO
Charger Efficiency ≥84%
Reverse Polarity 240V
Over Charge 190-265V
Over Temperature 50Hz+/-3Hz
Output Short Circuit ≤0.1A
Cooling NO
Temperature Setting Under protection over 85°C
LCD Display (With back light) Battery voltage, output current, charge status, overheat protection
Input Connection Australian Plug
Output Connection DC Terminals
DC Output Ground YES
Storage Temp Range ~30-70℃
Operating Temp Range 0-40℃
Humidity 20%-90% RH non-condensing
Ingress Protection FUSE
Weight 2kgs
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) 276 x 175 x 95
Optional Accessories Fuse, AC plug, DC cable
Regulatory Compliance AS/NZS