Imperium 20A AC-DC Battery Chargers


  • Works normally under 14.6Vdc
  • 20A for LiFePO4 batteries (40-120Ah)
  • Input: IEC with BS plugs
  • Output: Anderson SB50
  • Working mode: CC, CV
  • Input socket: meets AS/NZS standard
  • AC wire: 1.48m length(include plug)
  • DC wire: 1.22m length(include plug)

$220.00 inc. GST

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The IMP002 Imperium 20A AC-DC battery charger has single chip microcomputer (MCU) controlled, 3 stage intelligent charging technology. This can accurately track the battery charging process, and ensure that the battery is always in the best (electrochemical reaction) condition, which will prolong and optimise the battery’s service life.

The recent advances in high capacity lithium battery technology has seen the need to develop battery chargers specifically suited to their needs.

Although the Imperium range of battery chargers is fully capable of charging AGM and gel batteries, it is particularly suited to charging Imperium lithium ion batteries.

Perfect for charging lithium batteries!

Lithium batteries require a multi-stage charge sequence for optimum charging performance.

When programmed for use with a lithium battery these chargers deliver the optimum charge until the peak voltage is set.

The Imperium range of battery chargers provide a fully automatic, “set and forget” solution to your battery charging needs.


Model Number IMP002
Power Supply AC-DC
Charger Output Current (Max) 20A
Output Voltage Range - Charge 14.6±0.3Vdc
Output Voltage Range - Float no float, is CC-CV mode
Output Voltage Range - Equalize NO
Output Voltage Range - Charging Control stop charging when Voltage is 14.6V and current down to 1±0.3A
Output Voltage Range - DC Output bank Anderson SB50 - Selectable Battery Type
Output Voltage Range LiFePO4 batteries (capacity 40120Ah)
Output Voltage Range - Standby Current 0A
Charger Output - Input voltage (nominal) 100-240Vac
Charger Output - Input Operating Range 90~264Vac
Charger Output - Input Frequency Range 47~63 Hz
Charger Output - Power Consumption <3W Standby, <29.5W working
Charger Output - Power Factor Correction >0.9
Charger Output - Charger Efficiency ≥90% Vin=230 Vac, rated load
Protection & Features - Reverse Polarity RESTART
Protection & Features - Over Charge 16.0V
Protection & Features - Over Temperature 105°C
Protection & Features - Output short circuit 0A
Protection & Features - Cooling Fan cooling
Protection & Features - Temperature Setting 105℃
Protection & Features - Battery Temp Sensor Port No
Input Connection Australian standard 3P
Output Connection Anderson SB50
DC Output Ground NO
Storage Temp Range ~10-45℃
Operating Temp Range ~20-60℃
Humidity 5-95%
Ingress Protection IP20
Weight 1.5kgs
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) 245 x 100 x 54
Optional Accessories AC Wire 1.48m length (include plug)
Optional Accessories DC Wire 1.22m length (include plug)
Regulatory Compliance EN60335