Imperium 12V Battery Chargers

The recent advances in high capacity lithium battery technology has seen the need to develop battery chargers specifically suited to their needs.

Although the Imperium range of battery chargers is fully capable of charging AGM and gel batteries, it is particularly suited to charging Imperium lithium ion batteries.

Perfect for charging lithium batteries!

Lithium batteries require a multi-stage charge sequence for optimum charging performance.

When programmed for use with a lithium battery these chargers deliver the optimum charge until the peak voltage is set.

The Imperium range of battery chargers provide a fully automatic, “set and forget” solution to your battery charging needs.


Multistage Charging: The entire range of Imperium battery multistage chargers are fully automatic.

Smart Charging: The Imperium battery charges will regulate their output based upon the loads connected and required.

Multiple protection features:

  •  Reverse polarity protection
  •  Over charge protection
  •  Temperature protection, with cooling fan*

(*IMP002 only)- Output short circuit protection

LED Display (IMP009 only): The “select and set” menu is easy to use and user friendly.

2 Year Warranty: Backed up by excellent customer service support from Purple Line.

Multistage Charging Process


Stage 1

Bulk or boost charge


Stage 2

Absorption charge


Stage 3



Stage 4


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Details specifications for each of the different batteries can be downloaded from the link below.
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