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Caravan Security Systems & Equipment

Purpleline offers the most comprehensive range of independently tested, high-spec caravan security systems available to the Australian market. It's a one stop range for all your caravan security needs.

Why choose Purpleline for your caravan security?

  • Independently tested to the highest possible safety standards (Thatcham, UK), providing peace of mind
    that Purpleline caravan security products are designed to work.
  • All products use the 7-pin anti-drill, anti-cut, anti-gas freeze lock.
  • Easy and quick to fit - Don't waste time, fit and leave in seconds.
  • Portable - Easy to take away with you for security at all times.
  • Serve as a high visual deterrent to a would-be thief!
  • One year warranty on all security devices.

The Purpleline Caravan Security range includes:

Buy Risk-Free: 100% Money-Back Guarantee if the product is returned undamaged within 30 days.


Here's what one satisfied customer had to say:

"I have been looking around for a wheel clamp for a while and was impressed to find one that was made in England; the Nemesis. It was a bit dearer than others, but the quality stood out far beyond the others on the market. Being bright orange the Nemesis stands out very well and has a good strong lock fitted to it complete with a rubber boot to keep the water and dust out. The welds are of good quality and I would happily recommend it to anyone."

- Ian Stevens, Canberra


Keep in mind these Caravan Security Tips from CIL Insurance:

  1. Invest in a security or locking device, such as a coupling lock or wheel clamp - these can be a deterrent to thieves. There are a number of devices on the market that suit different types of vans.
  2. Always try to park with the drawbar facing inwards.
  3. Evaluate your van's contents in the same way you would your home, and take out adequate additional contents cover.
  4. Try to ensure that your caravan is parked in the safest part of the park, reserve, etc. Be mindful of setting up near river banks and under trees.
  5. Always lock up if you are going out and store any high-value items, such as generators, inside the van, rather than in an annexe with no hard walls.

If you have any questions or would like some advice on which caravan security product would be best for you, please contact us.